Technologies used in Taxis in France

Hello time I will tell you something about the taxis in the beautiful country of France, I know this kind of topics may sound not interesting but in fact, we all should know a little bit about this if in the future we have the opportunity to travel to France. My name is Michael, and I have traveled to France 4 times and when I´m visiting the city I always prefer to call a taxi to take me to my favorite destination, in all my trips into a taxi I could realize they have an advanced navigation system which all the driver use to go to the exact place.

I hope you can be interested in my story I know it might be helpful in the future.

The first thing that I noticed about the taxis in France, specifically in the city of Paris is they have some strict rules, for example, the driver must not get distracted by the customers or using the cell phones during the driving, as always in all the countries the taxi drivers must respect the life of the passengers and theirs.The taxi drivers have a space on the public road where they can park the taxis, this you can see it in Paris, as it is the biggest city of France and the capital of the country.Also, you can call a taxi from the main street or the main avenue without problems, the only thing that may be difficult is to get a taxi at night, as they just rive on the main road at late hours at night.

Like all the countries you will be able to see the taxis with a letter on the top, that letter differences the taxis from the regular cars. At night that letter is illuminated with lights colors, normally red, black and white, for me, I don´t like those colors as I´m used to the colors of my county just yellow. The first time that I saw a letter with those colors I was confused because I could see the word “Taxi” but it was weird as normally the letter taxi is just color white and yellow. My friend told me those color can be seen better at night and you can see the Taxi from a long distance for that reason those are the chosen colors.I have to say that my friend was right, one night I went for a walk on the all the neighborhood, then I arrived at a place that I´d never seen before in that trip and I did not remember what was the way back to my house, the only choice that I had was to call a taxi but I remembered getting a taxi at night in France is difficult so I walk to the nearest main avenue and in the distance I could see a taxi coming, I was happy as I returned to my home.

Something else I have to say about the letters on taxis is that they are a good way to see a taxi at night or if the weather is very cloudy or snowing, I friend of mine told me when the snow starts to fall in winter, it is very hard to see on the streets or on the highway. It might be dangerous for all the drivers, the taxi drivers have an extra light to put on the top with the letter. That strategy has helped to avoid enough traffic accidents. Even though I don´t like the colors of the illuminated letters on the top of the taxis I find them very useful for many situations, I do like the way how the taxis are equipped.

I spoke about this at the beginning the Taxis in France has a GPS where you can type your address in and automatically it´ll show to the driver the final destination. This was very useful when I was on vacations in Paris, I did not know anything about the addresses in Paris, I just knew some names of famous places or streets.

I remembered the first time I visited Paris, I came here alone without a friend, all my relatives were waiting for me at the house but I just knew the name,e pf the street that the house is located. I asked the driver where would be located that street, he told me “I´m sorry, I don´t know where it would be… But don´t worry you can see behind my seat a mini-computer, you will see the screen, just type the name of the street that you want to go and it´ll show me here on my screen the route that we can take, to leave you at your relatives home”, believe me, that was the easiest trip that I´ve ever taken into a taxi.

In all my vacations I always preferred to travel in a taxi, as I just looked for the names of the streets that I wanted to visit, I called a taxi and put the name of the street in the GPS and I was there in some minutes. It is very helpful for the people that will be new tourists in this country. One day I could see a lady that knew all the addresses of Paris, she told me she has visited all the places in the city, I said to her “That´s amazing, How did you do to know all the places here?”, she told me “It´s very easy when all the taxis here start to use the GPS, I was able to visit this amazing country”. I made a promise to myself, that I wanted to see everything I could everytime that I come here.

I would like to add something that was very interesting to me, in other countries that I have visited when the time to pay out the driver comes, the same driver tells you the amount to pay but here in this country the payment is given by a taximeter this machine is responsible for measuring the distance traveled and the amount to pay in that distance. For me, it was something nice to see, because the taximeter tells you the exact amount to pay the driver without paying more or less.

The third time that I visited Paris my cousin told me a story he wanted to go to the Pantheon with his girlfriend at that time the taxis did not use the taximeter yet, so the driver identified by his own the exact amount, but that time the taxi driver charged my cousin a lot of money than it should´ve been, he had to contact to the company of the taxi driver to complaint about the big amount that he refused to pay. Indeed, it was a large amount to pay and even the taxi driver or my cousin knew how much it was because they couldn´t decide if that trip cost more or less.The director of the company decided to give the reason to my cousin, but they implemented the new technologies to bring taximeters to all their taxis, in that way they will not have the same problem with another passenger again. I asked a taxi driver once if they prefer to guess the amount or better to be calculated by the taximeter, he answered me “To be honest, I rather use the taximeter, as the passenger can see with their own eyes the amount and we have no complaints about any other customers, we know that sometimes the taximeter may give us a small amount for us or the taximeter may give a large amount, that depends on the distance that the customer wants to travel”. All the things he told me were right, besides to be a good way to pay, it gives to the tax drivers an easier job.

Something else that I could watch in the taxis is that the companies of taxis like to use classic cars to take their passengers around the city.  This may be seen in most of the countries of Europe, but they are good looking cars with that style. The main color in all the cars would be black, with some shadows of grey and white. The companies difference their taxis with colors, there are other taxis color green with white or red and white. This may vary depending on the owner of the car and the director of the company.I took the time to ask one taxi driver about the meaning of the colors of his car because on my fourth trip to Paris I could take nine types of taxis and all of them have different colors on their cover. When I asked the question he answered me “It´s very simple son the colors are chosen by our boss and we can add the secondary colors, in our company  the main color is white, he gives us the option to paint our taxi with secondary colors, most of us choose the same colors but that is up to us”.That was true, I asked t other drivers too and they told me the same their bosses give them the option to paint the car with secondary colors but the boss chooses the main color. I had never seen this in my country, I told myself this was a strange way to work.

Recently I spoke with y friends in France and they told me to go and take vacations there again, I said yes because I like Paris and I will let them know about my arrival. They told me that some taxi companies are using a new way to locate the addresses of the passenger, the taxi drivers are downloading the application of Waze and it is creating some issues with the customers as they are not used to handle this new way to navigate.They told me that a taxi driver had an argument with one passenger, she wanted to put her address on the GPS but the computer wasn´t working at that time, the taxi driver apologized with her and offered his cellphone to the lady and educated to type her address in the application of Waze, the lady got angry and she threw the cell phone of the driver away through the window. My cousin apologized with the taxi driver for that inconvenient because the lady overreacted about the situation.

We know the technology will be bringing new changes for all of us and we have to be prepared for those. We cannot stop the progress and we definitely will see new changes in the taxis technological devices.I believe there will be new applications to use when we want to call a taxi, for example, I think someday we will call a taxi from our phones just pressing a button.This industry of transportation has many technological advances that they will be implementing on time, at this point the taxi drivers in France are able to do an easier job. The taximeter and the GPS will be replaced by new devices, always treating the customers with respect and being responsible all the time.

The types of car use it in the companies of France can be improved in the future, I have seen the cars have issues in the closed curves and that might cause traffic accidents, although the taxi drivers have the commitment to guarantee a nice and safe trip to all the passengers, the companies have the responsibility to ensure the best trip ever.

I have to thank you all for reading my story I hope you can use it for future references whenever you want to have information about this topic, in my personal opinion France has improved the way to travel in Taxi, providing safety and relaxing trips, with friendly drivers with interesting stories.  You should take the chance to visit and take a little trip in this way of transportation, you might find fun and meet new people.